About The Smega-Drive

1,625,013 frames and 33,003 subtitles have been smashed together into what might be the most important website on the entire Internet. We are proud to present to you The Smega-Drive, a complete archive of Red Dwarf screenshots, and meme maker to boot.

So, it works like this. We've based the indexing and the search system on the subtitles from the DVDs / Blu-Rays, so you can look for a quote (or a small part of a quote) and with any luck you will find the subtitle screen you need, along with previews of frames that that subtitle covers. Alternatively, you can use the episode browser.

Give us a shout at smegadrive@ganymede.tv if you spot any bugs or particularly egregious subtitle errors, or if you just have any general feedback for us to improve the system in the future. While you're at it, giving @RedDwarfShuffle on Twitter a follow will almost certainly enrich your day.

Useful Links


   Scene Timeline

Create your stills or GIFs the normal way and add to the timeline to build a scene. Click 'Make Scene GIF' to generate your new scene. Click 'Clear' to start fresh.