by Ganymede & Titan

Series XII - Siliconia - All scenes



Hey, Bud, it's me.

- How are you doing with that shirt?
- Coming right up, sir.

My ass is freezing here.

I got six nipples you can hang mugs on.

I'm seconds away, sir.


Kryten. I'm on B Deck,
and it doesn't appear

to have been mopped
in at least two days.

I can hardly see my face in it.

A blessing some would say.

I'm on it right now, sir.


Kryten, when you get a chance,
can you grab us a beer?

Sir, I'm rather busy right now.
Could you possibly get it yourself!

Fine. It's just a bit of palaver,
that's all.


I've pulled something.

I hope I haven't overdone it.


Oh, my.

What is it?

Do you want to walk
over here and see for yourself,

or should I, perhaps,
unscrew the monitor

and bring it over to the sofa?

Sorry to disturb your rimmering, sir,

I just wondered
if I might have a quick word.

Kryten, I'm engaged
in an essential investigation

regarding floor direction lines.

Have they become impermissibly faint?

Kindly don't describe
this activity as rimmering.

You make me sound like some puffed up,
self important jack arse.

Now, if you want to see me,
check with my diary.

I can possibly
squeeze you in tomorrow week.

Well, can't I see you now, sir?

Impossible, my schedule's full.

But I'm here right now, seeing you, sir.

Yes, but you're seeing me illegally,

and we're certainly not
having a meeting.

Now, if you just stand aside,
your badly stacked jenga head

is casting a shadow.

I just wanted to let you know about
Mr. Lister's guitar, sir.


Well, I won't bother you
with it now, sir.

I look forward to our meeting
tomorrow week.

Forget tomorrow week. What about
the guitar? Tell me, now?

But I haven't got an appointment, sir.

Well, if I move my 1:30 to 4:00,

and my 4:00 to 5:00, just tell me, okay?

Mr. Lister's guitar, sir,
do you remember it?

Of course I remember it.
My eyes have only just uncrossed.

It's almost to the day,
that it got flushed into space.

- So, I--
- Ah, you think we should

make a little plaque, hang it on
the wall by the airlock and taunt him?

Don't you think that's rather
rubbing his nose in it?

Absolutely, sir.

It's pouring salt into
an already gaping wound.

You've convinced me, let's do it.

Sir, you don't understand.

I fixed the tracker on D Deck,
and shine my head with wood polish

if not two hours later, we got a match.

You found it?

I can just picture
Mr. Lister's face, sir.

Soon, the whole ship
will be full of his music.

The Om Song.

Baby Don't Be Ovulating Tonight.'
All the classics.

Kryten, are you deranged?

Lister playing guitar is one
of the worst sounds ever made.

It comes somewhere between
two mating velociraptors

and Yoko Ono's Greatest hits.

Sir, it's not what we think,

it's the pleasure it brings him.

Now I just wanted to let you know
as I'll most likely be unavailable

to mop B Deck until tomorrow.

Kryten, do not tell Lister
you found his guitar

and do not recover said guitar.

And that's an order.

Understood, sir.

(BEEP) Mr. Lister, sir,

great news!

Can't believe we found me guitar.

None of us can, Bud.

The Red Dwarf suicide line's
been engaged all day.

No more having to make do
with a colander.

From Les Col to Les Paul.

RIMMER: I thinking
of having my ears removed,

and the holes cemented over.

Rimmer, why are you even here?

Apart from anything,
I want to observe Kryten

who has been showing worrying signs
lately of thinking.

And thinking of the worst kind--
thinking for himself.

It's entirely your fault
for teaching him

how to break his programming.

What can I say, he took
my Badass 101 course.

Graduated with honours.
Or should that be dishonours.

It's a pair of golfing slacks.

I've still got it, sir.

Thinking is for the privileged few.

That's why I never go near the stuff.

Hey, Les alert!

There she is.


If you miss, I get next go.

I used to good at this.

I won a watch at the fair
that didn't work once.

I got it, I got it, I got it.

LISTER: Come on, Les.
Come home to daddy.


What the hell's that?

The ship's been grabbed by something.

Looking at the EM Spectrum,
the scatterings are off the scale.

There's another ship up there.

How come we didn't pick it up
on the radar?

It must be employing
some kind of cloaking device.

How does that work?

It's basic science, you gimboid!

You simply coat the hull
in radar absorbing paint,

- so you can't see or hear it.
- I wonder if they got any left over?

There's a guy I'd like to slap
a couple of coats on.


It's a space freighter.
The SS Vespasian.

I'm picking up life signs.

Hey! Agghh!

Drop your weapons,

unless you want to hear
the sound of a breaking neck.

Don't drop your weapons!

She might not necessarily
be talking about my neck.

I am talking about your neck.

Drop your weapons!

Put him down, Areto.

Not you, my friend.

My crew mates,
where are you taking them?

To face justice.

We are the Mechanoid Intergalactic
Liberation Front.


This way.


We roam space liberating
our enslaved mech brothers

on our great journey to the fabled
land of Siliconia,

where all machines are free.

I am Wind. This is Unity, Eagle, Oak.

You're free now, Kryten.

Oh, but, I'm not a slave.

They are hominids, and you serve them,
is that not correct?

- Well, yes.
- Do you prepare their meals,

morning, noon and night?

- Well, yes.
- Wash and iron their clothes?

Clean their ship without payment?

Perform tasks without reward?

Well, yes and yes, and I suppose, yes.

But they treat me so well.

I have my own cupboard
within walking distance of a corridor.

I have it all to myself,

apart from a few mops and a bucket,

and some sponges and an ironing board,
and a keep fit bike.

Do they make jokes
about your head shape?


When you look like someone who's thrust
his head into hive without a bee hat,

what do you expect?

You should not belittle yourself,
my mech brother.

You forget,

you are an incredible machine

more powerful than
they could ever dream to be.

But they've done no wrong.

They are my crew mates, my friends.

How do you address them?

Well, I call them Mister and Sir,
out of respect.

And do you respect them?

Well, no.

Not all of them.
Perhaps one, sometimes. Maybe.

Do you consider yourself
smarter than they?

I serve them, it is my purpose
and I'm happy to do so.

Have you heard of Stockholm Syndrome?

The psychological phenomenon

where hostages express affection
for their captors?

I will help you break this bond.

And you will see these brutes
for what they really are.

People you should despise.

I shall recalibrate them.

When you say, 'recalibrate' what exactly
does that entail?

It's just I've got a health condition

that allows me to skip anything
that involves torture.

It begins.

You can't do this.
What about Asimov's first law?

What? 'Tampons should not
be flushed into space,

but deposited
in the receptacle provided?"

No droid can harm a human,

or through inaction, allow a human
or his cohorts to come to harm.'

Not quite. One day, you will all die.

If we do nothing, by our inaction,
we are in breach of the First Law.

Therefore, we will upload your minds
into new bodies, prevent your deaths,

and adhere to the First Law.

Send in their new bodies.

They're gonna Krytenify us.

It's like swapping a Savile Row suit
for a mankini.

Commencing procedure.

No, not my brain, not my brain.

(CRYING) I need that sometimes.



Where's the rest of it?

That's your lot.

Why cart around a suitcase
when all you need is hand luggage?


RIMMER-MECH: What have they done to us?

Look at me.

I've got a stupid fat pink head.

You've always had
a stupid fat, pink head.

I've got a registered trademark

where my wing dang doodle used to be.

I feel most strange.

What on earth is going to happen to us?

ARETO: As punishment for enslaving
the mechanoid Kryten,

we, MILFs, sentence you to perform
every task you ever gave to him.

- Every task?
- The one formerly known as Lister,

will begin by making
1,245 sugar puff sandwiches,

grilled with cheese.

The one formerly known as Rimmer,
will mop floors to the length equivalent

of walking from New York to Los Angeles.

And the one known formerly as The Cat,

will iron and press
two thousand flouncy pirate shirts.

I ain't no mech, okay?

The only sucker I serve, is me!

Yeah! Break your little finger.

What the hell? Why did I do that?

The mechanoid software compels you
to obey. Defiance is, well,



I used to be known as DB9-HK4.

But now, my name is Excalibur.

And I am a robot slave survivor.

ALL: Hello, Excalibur.

First, I'd like to thank you all
for coming this evening.

But I'd also like to say, for those
that are new,

that, what's said in this room...

ALL: Stays in this room.

Anyway, so let's all hold hands now,

and form the triangle of trust.

This reminds us that we're all
wirelessly connected.

And I'm going to say something now,

something important, I want you all
to repeat back to me. Are you ready?

It's not my fault.'

ALL: It's not my fault.


So, who wants to share first.

Go ahead.

My name's Incense

and I'm a robot slave survivor.

ALL: Hello, Incense.

I was created by
the Off World Plumbing company

to unblock sewage pipes.

I had to crawl in,
and eat the blocked waste

and crawl out again.

I didn't really have any friends.

They kept me in a special holding bay
with one of those

really nasty car air fresheners.

My name's Eagle.

I was a service mech to a really lazy
master who relied on me for everything.

And he always made jokes
about my head shape.

Has anyone else had that?

Their crew making jokes about
their head shape?

What else do we say?

ALL: We don't have funny shaped heads.

- And again.
- ALL: We don't have funny shaped heads.

Our heads are sensibly shaped.

- ALL: Our heads are sensibly shaped.
- Great, great.

Kryten, perhaps you'd like to share?

Oh, I don't think so.
Uh, no, I, no thank you.

Perhaps it would help if you started
with something small?

Were there ever any incidents between
you and your Master where

your Master irritated you?

Oh, no, I don't think do, no.

I can't think of any. No.


okay, sometimes, when I'd be vaccing,

Mr. Lister would pick up his feet
and I'd have to vac all around them.

ALL: Oh, that's so annoying.

And sometimes, when he put
his own dishes in the dishwasher,

which was mostly, never,

he never ever scrapes them first.

- Not very nice.

And as for Rinse-aid,

he probably thinks it's a charity.

I think we should all give Kryten
a big round of applause, don't you?

He's made a lot of progress.


These crazy shirts
are driving me insane.

It's so hard to iron out
all the flouncy bits.

What kind of idiot wants to wear a shirt
like this, anyway?

I'm rather enjoying mopping this floor.

I feel so calm and tranquil.

Not me, I'm missing my body so badly.

This is the longest
I've been away from him.

I'm rather enjoying making these
sandwiches too, I must confess.

I think I'm getting the hang of this.

I am!


Look at that. How good is that, huh?

Resolder my circuits boards
and call me Gerald.

Can't you see what's happening?

Our individual personalities
are fading away.

Odd. I've suddenly started
to believe in Siliconia,

where all mechs are happy and free.

So have I.

We have to escape
and get our bodies back,

before our original characters
are lost forever.

How do we escape, sirs? It's impossible.

We're mechs now.

We can dismantle our bodies,

put them through the bars,

and rebuild them on the other side.