by Ganymede & Titan

Series VIII - Krytie TV - All scenes


("Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette)
# Sometimes it's hard to be a woman

# Giving all your love to just one man

# You'll have bad times

# And he'll have good times

# Doing things that you don't understand

# But if you love him, you'll forgive him... #

(LISTER) Post's arrived.

Brilliant. A bit of excitement at last.

See that? It's a beaut. One of the struts has
collapsed on me bed. I think it was those beans.

Oh, the mail.

Haven't had a chance to look.
Anything from my mates?

Don't think so. There's nothing in orange
crayon with half the letters backwards.

- Anything for you?
- Just the usual.

A couple of death threats.

And I'm in the "Reader's Digest" lucky dip.

Apparently, I'm one of the special few
selected for their lucky dip.

That'll be you and the other
twelve zillion people then, will it?

I've won either a holiday in Mauritius, a soft-top
sportscar, or a fabulous matching set of egg cups.

"Scrape with a coin to discover which."

I've won the holiday!


Three million years into deep space
where I can't claim it,

I go and win a smegging holiday in Mauritius!

- Oh, they're taking the smeg.
- What now?

I've won the Lottery as well.

"To collect your cheque,

"simply bring your winning ticket to Lottery House,
24 Argyle Street." Four million!

No luck, that's my problem. No luck at all.

It's just a wind-up from the guards
to sap our morale.

- Here's one for you.
- Who from?


My God, that is tragic.

What's happened to him, has he died?

Died? Do you think he'd write and tell you?

Yeah, you're right, you're
right. I'm not thinking straight.

He'd be too busy with his funeral
and everything, wouldn't he?

- What's happened to him?
- Something catastrophic. Hideous.

He's found your guitar in Starbug's wreckage
and he's sending it here.


- Are you OK?
- Of course I'm not OK. I hate your guitar.

If I wanted to share a cell
with an irritating lump of wood,

I'd have moved in with
an Australian soap star.

I didn't realise you thought I was that bad.

Didn't you get a clue
that time I tried to insert it in you?

You'd have stood a better chance
if you'd used the neck end.

Anyway, you were revising.
You always get a bit uptight when you're revising.

Come on, come on - what about the Om song?
That was a classic!


#om! #

People who heard that formed self-help groups.

Don't give me that.
They played me demo on hospital radio.

Yes, and three patients came out of comas,
packed their bags and went home.

Hey! The axe man is back!

You beaut!

Hang on. There's no strings.

They've confiscated the strings!

I feel like a man who leaps out of a plane
with no parachute

and lands in the hot tub at the Playboy mansion.

Why would they take me strings? It doesn't make sense.

Prison regs, you're not allowed
anything you can hang yourself with.

I wouldn't wanna hang meself
if I had me guitar strings.

I think they were thinking of me.

Maybe my luck's changing. At last a break.

(GUARD) By the way, I forgot - for you.

"Because of the nature of your crime,

"...we are willing to review your case.

"For this process to be successful, you would need a
record of good behaviour, and accept the consequences

"That a successful appeal would mean similar
amnesty for prisoner colleagues in your situation."

(BOTH) Yes!

Well, thanks to Kill Crazy, that was the least
enjoyable suicide mission I've ever been on.

I'm standing there, right? And right in front
of me was this weird sort of mutant thing

with like, two heads
and all these tentacles.

It took one look
at me and ran off.

Why do you think it done that?


You don't know what it's like being
classified as a woman, sir. The humiliation!

I know. I know.

Why should I, a series 4000 mechanoid,

have to endure the turgid monotony
of showering with the girls three times a week?

- Tell me that!
- It's not fair, I know. It's just that...

- You shower with the girls?
- Oh, it's so hideously dull, I can't describe it.

As, they stand around soaping themselves.

Their bodies all wet and foamy.

Can you imagine it?

Oh, my goodness.
We've been frozen in time again.


Extraordinary. It must be a warp
in the time-space continuum.

How curious it isn't affecting me.

We're not frozen in time, Krytie.
We were just thinking about what you were saying.

It's times like this
that make me thankful I'm just a head.

Oi, droid boy. Oi, Next time you're in the showers,

why don't you, y'know? Smuggle in a camera
and film 'em, eh? Yeah, that'd be brilliant!

I haven't seen a naked woman since...

Well, ever.

Here, I'd pay ya.

- What do you say?
- No. I forbid it.

Yeah, me... What?

It's voyeuristic, exploitative and immature.

All right. Who are you?

And what have you done with our Rimmer?

Gentlemen, allow me to clarify my position.

Morally speaking, using a hidden camera
in the women's showers,

taking shots of them sudding themselves
with mounds of foam, without their permission...

Morally speaking -
I'm speaking morally here -

I'm all in favour!

However, Listy has been invited to appeal
and a scam like this could ruin it.

- Appeal?
- Yeah, I'm appealing.

That's a minority view.

Look, if he's successful, we can all be successful.
We've just got to be model prisoners.

Screw his appeal. I wanna see skin!

Yeah! What do you say, bird-tray head?

Are you asking me
to betray the people I live with?

To ignore their humanity and
reduce them to mindless sex objects

merely there for your moronic titillation?

Yes, please!

If you'll excuse me, I forgot who I was for a moment.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- I'm a woman and proud of it.

If you'll excuse, I'll be with my fellow sisters,
doing it for ourselves.

I'm going to make this quick and easy.
Last night, on D wing,

I was beaten up and mugged.

You have one chance. I'm turning
the lights off for precisely ten seconds.

During which, I want whoever took it... return my glass eye.

Kill the lights.


- (CLUNK!)

I'm glad to see good sense prevailed.

I have a date with Miss Patricia Carling
from Supplies on Saturday night.

She thinks my eyes are my loveliest feature.

If I go like this, I'm only half lovely!

If it's not returned within 30 seconds,
all Canary privileges suspended. One month.

I know who stole your left peeper, sir.

It was him, sir. I saw him playing marbles
with it this morning, sir.

- Thank you, Rimmer.
- (CLUNK!)

Have you gone mad? You don't rat
on other inmates. It's an unwritten law.

Look, if it helps the appeal,
what else matters? Model prisoners.

Would the sky really fall in
if people just tidied up a little?

They're here! They've landed!

- Who have?
- The invisible aliens.

- Look! There's one.
- And there's another.


From the people who brought you
"Vampire Bikini Girls Suck Paris",

comes another cinematic masterpiece.

- Marvel at the special effects! Marvel at the high fidelity sound!
- Looks like another pearler!

Why do they always show us these lousy B-movies?

To sap our morale.
Next week, it's the George Formby season.

(AS FORMBY) Get your hanging rope now
while there's still some left! Wahey!

Good evening.

Tonight's scheduled feature has been cancelled and replaced
by a special live pay-per-view event

brought to you courtesy of Krytie TV.

Transmitting live by my optical receptors,
we bring you live and lithe,

Women's Shower Night!


Are they really gonna show this? No way!
This is a joke, right? This is a...

- Oh, Mama!
- You know what this means, don't you?

There is a god?

They got to him. They reprogrammed Kryten.


If we get caught watching this
your appeal's dead in the water.

- Forget the appeal.
- I already have!

I'm on about Kris, she's never
gonna believe I wasn't involved in this.

We've got to stop it.

- You're right. I want no part of this.
- Me neither.

- We've gotta go.
- Right now.

- Not a minute to lose.
- I'm dust.

Me, too. After two.

One, two... Go!

And now, I'm gonna stare at a cracked floor tile.

What's he doing that for?

Remember - shower night
is a pay-per-view event.

Start filling those buckets!


I can't believe this. He's running it like a business.
There's even a bloke over there selling ice creams.

Never mind him. Now!

- We've gotta go right now.
- I'm going, I'm going...

Now, let's get up close and personal with
one of the showerees, Miss Kristine Kochanski.

Fancy a choc ice?

OK. Splendid.

- Later.
- Mr Kryten. Visitor, sir.

Kryten. Look, I know Kill Crazy's reprogrammed you -
turned you into a ruthless entrepreneur -

but I think I know how to change you back.

Well, keep it to yourself, sir.

I'll make it worth your while.

Can't you see what it's done to you!

It's made me rich, feared and
respected. I'm loving every minute of it.

I've just bought the rights to the
5-a-side soccer tournament today.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping
to get the boxing.

Ah, Miss Kochanski! Good to
have you back. I've a little gift for you.

Ooh, another one?

Nothing's too good for you, ma'am. You know you were
worried about picking up verrucas in the shower room?

Well, I've got the perfect solution -

a waterproof pogo stick.

This has got to stop.

But the pogo stick could put the ratings
through the roof, sir!

Think of the money! Think of the show!

I'm crazy about her.
I'm not gonna let you do this.

Do what?

How do you think Kryten got all this?

"Shower Night Live." Oh, God,
is he paying some of the girls to do this?

Who's that with the sponge?

That's me!

It replaced the Wednesday night movie.

I saw the whole thing -
all three terrible hours of it.

- It was awful.
- Is that the time?

I've got a merchandising meeting
in two minutes. Excuse me.

You are dead, nickel-hydride breath!
And you...

What have I done?

You were there for three hours of it.

Yeah, but I didn't enjoy it. I was outraged.

- Why do you think I only had one choc ice?
- How could you go along with this?

I'm only human. You were completely naked.

Starkers. Nude.

In the buff. Totally kitless.

You had no clothes on.

You've seen me with no clothes on when we went out.

Yeah, but I wanted to see
if anything had changed.

So, why didn't you just ask
instead of filming me in secret?

- Cause, you'd have said no.
- Not necessarily.

If I'd known it meant that
much to you that you needed to